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Magnetic Labels

Magnetic labels are produced from a special magnetized base material that we print directly on with a specialist printer that then cuts the items to the required dimensions.

A coating can be applied to protect the magnetic label print face for those who prefer a little extra protection. The benefit of this reusable label option is the ability to remove and relocate without leaving an adhesive residue and when it is not possible to apply an adhesive product which might be in cold storage and freezers.

Magnetic rack labels are ideal for use where locations change in size, or where product references are used and change often. We provide standard sizes when required, however the majority of our warehouse labels are tailor made to individual requirements.

We have teams in-house who can help advise on designs, layouts and recommend the most suitable format for your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us with your rack label requirements, we are happy to help.

Magnetic Labels

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