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Shot Blast Line Striping

Shot Blast Line Striping

Shot blast line striping is a specialist installation process where our teams use a unique piece of shot blasting equipment to remove the smooth surface of a concrete floor. This provides a fresh and rough finish which is ideal for the paint to key with making the warehouse striping very durable in the process.

At ASG Services we approach every warehouse line striping project with the same level of detail and focus to ensure our customer receives the end result required and to ensure that any oversight is identified and addressed early. Managing installations with such intensity has seen us deliver some of the largest warehouse striping installations throughout the US, but we do not take past performance for granted and know that every customer is unique with their individual requirements.

The machines we use are captive, which means any dusty created in the process is contained within and collected by the vacuum systems. To ensure thorough preparation, we extract any residual dust and debris prior to the application of paint.

Our teams are vastly experienced in warehouse striping which means the end product is the best. More importantly they understand the importance of working together with the customer to minimize disruption to their operation.

Planning, communication and monitoring play their part in our warehouse striping installations, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your plans or just to find answers to your questions.  Also, visit our project site for more on shot blast floor striping and other warehouse striping projects.

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