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Diamond Shaved Line Striping Services

Diamond Shaved Striping

The superior durability of our epoxy paint system for warehouse striping is greatly enhanced by a unique installation method developed by ASG Services.

Utilizing custom designed and built equipment, the floor is first diamond shaved to a shallow depth creating a channel like stripe that allows us to inlay the epoxy paint into the floor. A base coat is applied to bond with and seal the freshly shaved concrete as well as provide a perfect surface on which to apply the glossy, self- leveling top coat of epoxy.

This multi-stage preparation and application process ensures highly durable and easily maintained floor striping that will outlast any alternative available.

If you have a specific product need, or you can't find the exact solution you are looking for, please call our support team today.

ASG Services has built a vast knowledge base in multiple solution types that enables us to be at the forefront of the warehouse striping and identification market. Our in-house production facility, installation teams and project management capabilities gives us ultimate flexibility.

Call us at (877) 447-9798 and we will work with you to develop your ideal warehouse identification solution and help reduce the pressure on you.

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