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"Thanks BIG TIME!! You and your team are absolutely the best!" Thanks for being invaluable, your efforts regarding the labeling aspect of the project with service and delivery were actually a critical component to the overall project effort. ASG Services actually delivered STRONG consulting expertise, QUICK delivery of product they had to manufacture, and EARLY completion with very favorable results. (Yes, I said that --- “early completion”). When we outsource with the right resources, we truly serve our company well and have the freedom to continue selling in other areas/accounts without getting bogged down with details regarding that aspect of the project we outsourced (in this case, warehouse label consulting, warehouse custom label job, warehouse label application (they brought down a crew of two guys, lift platforms, etc.), warehouse location signage custom job and installation). Brilliant!
Head of Capital Procurement March 20, 2015
ASG has been one of my favorite business contacts to work with. We are thrilled with the success we have had working together and I would imagine it would be an advantage to work more closely. Thank you for all of the business and continued support ASG has given, you have always made things run more smoothly.
Sales Coordinator March 20, 2015
International Striping Installation, SL 60,000 feet of shot blasted striping, provided for a worldwide logistics specialist in Mexico. "It has been a pleasure working with you and the ASG team on this project. We certainly had many hurdles to overcome dealing with a foreign land but at the end of the day everyone did their part to get the job done. I really appreciate you spending the extra few days at the end to make sure we are happy with the finished result - this shows ASG's commitment to our satisfaction and the reason why we continually conduct business together."
Senior Associate Engineer March 20, 2015
70,000 rack and bin labels, aisle markers, location signs and dock door signs. “I have dealt with ASG since 2010, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of warehouse labeling and identification. Their work has been a significant factor in our success through the accurate and timely completion of 2 different warehouse projects. ASG provides extremely competitive prices and creative solutions.In general, ASG made the large undertaking of labeling our facility as easy and seamless as possible. I can confidently recommend ASG as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.”
Project Manager March 20, 2015
Floor Striping, Overhead Signs, Aisle Markers “From start to finish on any job, ASG Services is always a pleasure to work with. I’ve used them several times in my facility and they provide a quality product along with superior customer service.”
Facility Administrator March 20, 2015

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