Dock Door Signs

Dock door signs, the sign that tells you which door you are at right? Well, not always.

Dock signs can serve a number of purposes, numbering of course is the most popular which help drivers of semi’s and forklifts find the door they need easily and in the safest way. Safety message signs offer information to help prevent accidents and identify risks when working around a loading dock as well as reminding of correct procedures.

Driver notices which are fixed to the outside of dock doors present information in a mirrored form so the driver reversing his semi can see and read warnings or procedures to be aware of. Warehouse management system signs are equipped with barcodes and often with long range scanning bar codes so they can be scanned at distance. They are typically designed with ease of use and space restrictions in mind.

Dock doors are busy and dangerous areas. At ASG Services, we concentrate on ease of use and minimal distraction techniques. Very large and very bright signs are not always the most effective for safety as they can distract an operator from their primary function which can increase risk.

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Dock Door Signs