Safety Floor Coatings

If your warehouse or distribution center is in the United States, it needs to be OSHA compliant. The reason for this is not just to avoid devastating legalities and fines to your business. OSHA compliance can help you prevent damage to equipment and stop otherwise preventable accidents from occurring. These accidents could result in death or severe injury to workers.

Warehouse signs and floor striping products warn workers of what to expect and are a big part of safety. Here are five other focusing tips which you can use to make your warehouse more compliant and safe:

1. Be highly organized

Being highly organized will make your operation much smoother. Use warehouse signs and floor markers to guide workers around your facility.

2. Protect against trips, slips, and falls

Available statistics indicate that falls and slips are responsible for about 40% of deaths in workplaces. You should use matting and other anti-slipping products to eliminate the possibility of slipping at your facility.

3. Protect workers and the distribution center from hazards

Use warehouse guards and protectors to protect people from colliding with columns, cables, racking and other equipment. Such a measure will not just keep people safe, but will also ensure your facility is protected.

4. Prioritize forklift safety

Each year in the United States, workplace accidents involving forklifts cause about 20,000 injuries to workers and about 100 deaths. Such accidents at the workplace can be caused by lack of OSHA compliance and come with a five to six figure fine, each time. Use forklift alert systems and safety mirrors to warn workers and prevent injuries and deaths at your facility. When a worker remains informed of the presence of a forklift nearby, they are likely to remain safe.

5. Establish a culture of safety at your warehouse

Your employees should be made aware of the threats they face at the warehouse. You should consider starting a safety program for your workers and other users of your warehouse to promote a safety culture.

If you have a warehouse and are concerned about safety, we at ASG are warehouse identification and marking specialists. We will custom make your warehouse location labels and signs. We use the most durable materials in our manufacturing and will never compromise on the quality of our products. We encourage you to call us today and let us discuss your needs and how we can be of help.

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5 Tips to Make Your Warehouse Compliant and Safe